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Wholesale Laws for Rhode Island

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Last Updated: March 18, 2020


The Division of Commercial Licensing and Regulation of the Department of Business Regulation is responsible for regulating and monitoring the manufacturing, importing, exporting, storing, selling and transporting of alcoholic beverages.

Laws & Rules:

Supplier Licensing

Required:  Yes

Name:  Certificate of Compliance

Fee:  No Fee

Expiration:  Nov. 30th of each year

A Certificate of Compliance issued by the Department of Business Regulation entitles the holder to make shipments to a Rhode Island wholesaler. The application must completed online through the portal on the DBR’s website. There is no fee for a Certificate of Compliance.

First-Time Users will have to email Lee-Ann Desilets to set up a new account.


Product Registration

Required:  Yes

Fee:  $42 (pro-rated $3.33 less each month)

Approval:  10 days

Expiration:  Nov. 30th of each year

Revision Required:  COLA change

Price Posting:  Yes

Yearly renewal of label certification costs $40 per label. A $1 convenience fee per label will be added for subscribers. Note new label registrations will be charged a prorated fee based on the month of registration. For one time credit card users, a $2 convenience fee per label will be applied. There is an additional fee of $25 for each label renewed after November 30th.

Labels must registered via the portal on the the Department of Business Regulation website. Price changes are required to be submitted on paper to the Dept. Business Regulations at least 10 days before the effective date. Prices take effect on the first of the month.


Franchise "Monopoly Protection" Law

Franchise Law:  No

Exclusive Territories:  Not Required

Rhode Island does not have a franchise law for wine.

Supplier Reporting Requirements

Required:  Yes

Name:  Invoice Report

Due Date:  Monthly, by the 15th

At the time of each shipment a copy of the shipper’s invoice bearing the date of delivery must be delivered to the Department {Rule 19 b(2)}.


Sales Representative Licensing

Available:  Yes

Fee:  $50

Expiration:  Dec. 1st of each year

An Agent’s license is required for every person who represents any distillery, winery or brewery, shall be deemed to be acting as an agent for such distillery, winery or brewery.  The license fee is $50 per year and there is a $5 fee for the Department of Attorney General to run a background check.



Allowed:  No

There are no statutes or rules allowing an out-of-state winery to self-distribute.

Trade Practice Advisories

State of Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation
Liquor Enforcement and Compliance

1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
Phone: (401) 462-9544
Fax: (401) 462-9645


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This information is intended for winegrower licensees only. All information above is provided as an informational aid and is not legal advice. Data may be out-of-date or incomplete. Please consult a lawyer before taking any action.