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Our Members

Our Members

Wine Institute unites the collective strength of its members to ensure the best possible environment for producing and enjoying wine. We represent over 1,000 members, with small, medium and large wineries from every region of California.

All members are invited to attend our quarterly board meetings, participate in committee meetings and join us for workshops and conferences. No winery can have more than two votes on our Board of Directors.

Winery Members

We work to make it easier for our Winery Members to focus on what they do best: producing world-class wines.

Associate Members

Associate Members come from a range of industries that support California wineries with their products and services.

Board of Directors

Our 80-member board includes vintners from each of California’s diverse winegrowing regions.


The Board is supported by the work of numerous committees and working groups.

Become a Member

We help create an environment that enhances the ability of our members to succeed in the marketplace, both here and abroad.

We also provide a forum for members to come together and create proposals that are beneficial for the industry and consumers — such as bills to allow in-store wine tastings and wine-by-the-glass sales at wineries — which we shepherded through the California state legislature. Finally, we create a collective voice. The only way we can be successful is if we’re united and working together.

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