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Trade Practice Legislation & Rules Reviews

Wine Institute works at both the legislative and regulatory levels to address the rules that govern how wineries interact with both the states and industry members where they choose to sell their wine. These efforts entail both legislative work and the increasing role of ABC rulemaking reviews.

In 2019 the State Relations team successfully included key provisions in the TX ABC Sunset Commission’s review, resulting in streamlined licensing procedures for our members. Other states including Illinois, Iowa, New York and Virginia are in the rules review process now, and Wine Institute is actively engaged in these efforts on the behalf of our members.

Trade Practice Compliance

Alcohol beverage statutes and regulations, as well as trade practice advisories and industry guidance documents for all 50 states can be found on the Wholesale Laws for Wineries state pages.

State Legislation Tracker

Wine Institute members have access to State Net’s bill tracking service showing all legislation currently being tracked by the State Relations team.