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California Sustainable Winegrowing Program

Code of Sustainable Winegrowing - 3rd Edition LogoThe Sustainable Winegrowing Program (SWP) gives growers and vintners educational tools to increase adoption of sustainable practices and to measure and demonstrate ongoing improvement. The California Code of Sustainable Winegrowing, workshops and other educational tools and resources provide how-to information on sustainable winegrowing.

Originally released in 2002 and now in its third edition with a fourth edition in development, the Code addresses environmental, economic and social-equity criteria through 15 chapters and 200+ criteria, which includes a built-in system with metrics to measure performance on sustainable practices.

Participants self-assess their vineyards and wineries using the Code and voluntarily contribute data to measure the adoption of sustainable practices. Statewide Sustainability Reports document results, identify strengths and opportunities for improvement, and set goals to increase use adoption of sustainable practices. Partners from government, academia and community and environmental groups contribute resources and expertise.



To participate in the Sustainable Winegrowing Program, complete an evaluation of your vineyard and/or winery options using the Code of Sustainable Winegrowing, join a webinar or attend a workshop or access dozens of educational videos, tools and resources, and consider seeking Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing accreditation for your vineyard, winery and/or wines.

Resources, Reports & Workshops

More tools and resources for growers and vintners, including a workshop calendar, sustainability reports and important links.

News on the Sustainable winegrowing program