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International Marketing Strategy OVERVIEW

1. Assist California wineries in entering and further developing their business in foreign markets

Lead the California Wine Export Program.

  • Build winery membership in Wine Institute Export Program, increase member retention and increase program dues revenue.
  • Manage team of 15+ international representatives and three San Francisco HQ-based team; Conduct annual strategic planning process and lead in-person team meeting and training week.
  • Conduct activities in 25+ countries worldwide with a tiered strategy by country and tailored activities and spend by market priority.

Provide export support and guidance to wineries by organizing leadership activities in key export markets.

  • Organize and lead California’s participation in international trade shows.
  • Produce California Wine trade, media & consumer tastings in leading export markets with opportunities for wineries to participate on CWI-led vintner tours.
  • Conduct retail & on-premise promotions on a global and regional basis.
  • Host 150+ leading media & trade from priority markets on fam trips to California regions.

Maintain and strive to increase USDA funding support for California Wine Export Program.

  • Manage allocation and implementation of incremental ATP funds in priority markets.
  • Continue to increase MAP funding for Wine Institute and California Wine Export Program activities.

Manage promotional campaigns for California Wine in international markets, help develop California Wine category in more than 25 countries worldwide.

  • Offset impact of trade barriers and achieve $1.5 billion in U.S. wine exports in 2019; $2.5 billion by 2030.
  • Increase California’s share of imported wine market in focus countries.
  • Minimize trade barriers and advocate for a level playing field for California wine on world stage.

2. Be the premier branding and communication vehicle for the California wine industry abroad

Establish a powerful & distinctive brand identity for California Wine in the international marketplace.

  • Leverage consumer and trade insight data to develop informed and relevant brand strategies.
  • Evolve and expand Discover California Wines global branding campaign to focus on quality, diversity and value of California wine at all price points.
  • Benchmark and track development of brand image and awareness of California wine in priority markets.

Create invigorated in-market programming for priority countries to build California category with effective, cutting-edge materials and marketing programs including videos, maps, websites, brochures, and visual branding elements to leverage in global category-building efforts.

  • Develop and launch a comprehensive California wine education platform with interactive modules and certification programs for consumers and trade.
  • Partner with Visit California to expand the California promotional footprint and consumer impact in key markets.

Optimize public relations and social media efforts at country/local levels throughout world.

  • Utilize consistent California wine messaging points on a global basis and increase local relevance and resonance with local Wine Institute team/agencies.

Leverage international media and trade visits to California to maximize global PR presence for California wine.

  • Build on the success of VIP media and trade programs with multiple regions and wineries targeting global key influencers and opinion leaders in each market.
  • Develop and launch California Wine Global Export Conference and host on a bi-annual basis to attract, educate and inform leading global trade influencers and media.

Surpass new world and old world wine region competitors with increased market penetration in value and volume.

  • Continue to increase US wine exports (+70% from 2008-2017) on a 10-year+ growth trajectory.