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International Marketing

Since 1985, Wine Institute has actively supported California wineries through leadership in international trade policy and export sales development in wine markets around the world. The International Marketing team, based in San Francisco, runs Wine Institute’s Export Program for California wineries and supports sales of California wines globally with an annual program of marketing and sales promotion activities.

Guided by a committee of participating wineries, Wine Institute’s export programs are designed to introduce international wine trade and media to California wine and educate them on the quality, character, and range of wines produced in California’s diverse wine regions. Data and analysis of foreign markets, along with information on how to gain market entry is also provided to assist wineries new to the export scene. Wine Institute representatives abroad provide in-market support and strategies to wineries exporting to Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Continental Europe, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam.

About California Wine Export Program

Wine Institute serves as the administrator of the Market Access Program, a cost-share export promotion program managed by the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. Wine Institute’s Export Program supports California Wines worldwide with a consumer website in nine languages, social media campaigns in 18 countries, educational tools and videos, and a strong partnership with Visit California to increase tourism to California wine regions. Wine Institute organizes California’s participation in international trade shows and trade missions, offers master classes and seminars as well as tastings for trade, media and consumers worldwide. Last year, the program hosted over 120 international media and wine buyers from 20 countries for California wine country visits and educational seminars, including an exclusive tour for 50 Masters of Wine.

Masters of Wine Group toast sunset on California visit
An enthusiastic MW group raise a glass to California wine. © Alycia Moreno photo.


California wine exports have grown nearly 60 percent by value in the past decade to $1.46 billion in winery revenues in 2018. Wine Institute’s California Wine Export Program includes more than 170 wineries that export to 142 countries. Thirteen global representative offices conduct marketing and promotional programs in 25 countries across the globe.

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For information on Wine Institute’s International Marketing programs and strategies:

Honore Comfort

Vice President, International Marketing

For questions on how this program can benefit your export goals:

Diane Berardi

Trade & Media Visits Coordinator

International Marketing Strategy

Wine Institute’s International Marketing Strategy and Export Program is updated on an annual basis and includes specific strategies for each International Region where Export Program activities take place.

Export 2020: California Wine Global Export Conference

A one-day conference featuring the business innovators and thought leaders shaping the global industry trade today, with speakers and guests from key wine markets in Asia, UK/Europe and North America.

Join the California Wine Export program

Wine Institute can help your winery business succeed in international sales through the California Wine Export Program with marketing and sales promotion programs in 25 countries worldwide.

Discover California Wines

Wine Institute hosts websites in nine languages to help wine enthusiasts learn more about California wine and to provide professional tools and information to trade and media.