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CA ABC Issues Notice on Regulatory Relief

The California Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (CA ABC) has issued a notice temporarily suspending enforcement of specific legal prohibitions to support the alcohol beverage industry in its efforts to help slow the spread of the virus in the state while dealing with the economic challenges it is facing as a result. The Department has concluded that these temporary measures will not jeopardize the public’s health, safety or welfare.

View the notice here which covers:

1. Returns of alcoholic beverages.

2. Retail-to-retail transactions.

3. Extension of credit.

4. On-sale retailers exercising off-sale privileges.

5. Sales of alcoholic beverages to go.

6. Drive-thru windows for off-sale transactions.

7. Deliveries to consumers.

8. Hours of operation for on-sale premises.

The Wine Institute team is actively engaged in advocating for regulatory and economic relief to support wineries during this crisis. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Update, March 25: The California ABC has released Frequently Asked Questions related to the Notice of Regulatory Relief they issued last week in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They will continue to update this list as they receive questions from the industry.

Update, April 2: The California ABC issued additional temporary relief measures suspending enforcement on the prohibition on free deliveries and charitable promotions tied to the sale of alcohol so long as the benefitting charity is providing relief related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, alcohol delivery hours have been extended to midnight.

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See Previous Updates from the CA ABC

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