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CA ABC Suspends CA Credit Regulations Enforcement, Clarifies Wine Take-out Sales in Restaurants

Director of the California ABC (CA ABC), Jacob Applesmith, has verbally confirmed that during the current crisis, the agency will suspend enforcement of California credit regulations, which means that suppliers will be allowed to extend credit to purchasers without interest beyond 30 days.

He has also clarified that restaurants may sell bottles of wine with take-out food sales provided the restaurant’s permit does not specifically prohibit such sales.

Director Applesmith has indicated that CA ABC will be issuing additional guidance on further relaxation of regulations in light of this crisis. We will continue to monitor and share information as it is available.

On the Federal front, Wine Institute has requested that TTB relax the federal credit regulation. TTB has assured us that they recognize industry concerns and will be issuing guidance on this and other regulations soon.

Wine Institute will continue to monitor and provide updates on the current situation here.