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Be a Part of Down to Earth Month

Down to Earth Month banner graphic of vineyard & sunflowers

April is Down to Earth Month, when Wine Institute highlights and celebrates California’s sustainable viticulture and winemaking leadership. Wineries and regions are invited to promote green-themed tours, activities or offers during April through the Discover California Wines website. Please submit events*, activities and offers/sales by March 25 so they will be loaded onto the Discover California Wines web page before the launch of the news release. Note that submissions can continue to be made throughout April.* Events must include Wine Institute members. Wine retailer and restaurant events cannot be accepted due to California ABC restrictions.


Promote your participation in Down to Earth month by downloading the tool kit with images, fact sheets and social media templates to use in your communications, both internally and externally. Included in the tool kit is a Key Messages and Facts document, which wineries can use to educate staff on easy-to-digest sustainability statistics. In addition, the document has a worksheet to help team members brainstorm about sustainable practices and initiatives to communicate to their customers and visitors.



Please contact Wine Institute’s Communications Department