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2020 Wildfire Update

2020 has been a difficult wildfire season throughout California and Wine Institute is deeply saddened for the friends, neighbors and winery colleagues who have been impacted by these fires. We have compiled resources to help our vintners deal with the fire aftermath such as insurance, relief resources, suggested labs for testing smoke exposure and more.

Most importantly, the majority of the state’s wineries and vineyards were untouched by the wildfires. In regions that experienced smoke from wildfires, growers and winemakers are working together to determine the extent to which smoke exposure may be an issue for the vintage.  Vintners will continue to make decisions to ensure that their wines meet the high-quality standards that consumers have come to expect from California and there will be many outstanding wines from the 2020 vintage from throughout the state.

Wildfire Resources & Guidelines

Wine Institute has compiled wildfire resources to support the industry, including workplace health and safety guidelines during wildfires, insurance coverage, regulatory issues, charitable relief resources and more.

Wildfire Member Communications

Wine Institute has compiled a fact sheet on the statewide wildfire situation as well as a recording from the Sept. 16 webinar with industry experts helping wineries navigate the key issues around insurance, workplace health and safety, regulatory compliance and relief resources.

Labs for Smoke Exposure Testing

Wine Institute has identified additional domestic and international laboratories with capacity to test for smoke exposure in wine and winegrapes

Wine Institute is working closely with the federal, state and local governments to ensure that wineries and vineyards can navigate these challenges, and is actively engaged in advocating for regulatory support and economic relief to preserve our businesses.

We stand ready to assist our members and the industry. If you’re interested in joining our members in supporting this important work, find out more here.