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TTB Update: Laboratories Temporarily Closed & Hand Sanitizer Guidance Extended

All TTB Laboratories Temporarily Closed

In response to state and local stay-at-home orders, all TTB laboratories are temporarily closed pending further notice.

TTB will not be able to process product samples or paper submissions sent to the laboratories via mail until they reopen. TTB is providing options to facilitate industry members’ ability to get their products to the marketplace, including through the electronic submissions of information wherever possible, until the TTB laboratories reopen. Affected processes include Laboratory Sample Analyses, Sulfite Waiver Analyses for Domestic and Imported Wine, Gluten Analyses, Proofing Device Requests and the Chemist Certification Program. For further guidance regarding options for each of these processes please see TTB’s Update on Laboratory Services. TTB is currently evaluating additional options to minimize delays as a result of the temporary closure of the laboratories and will update this information as appropriate.

Extension of Hand Sanitizer Guidance through December 2020

TTB is currently working to update original guidance which provides certain exemptions and waivers to distilled spirits permittees to facilitate the production of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. TTB also intends to publish guidance on additional provisions offered by the CARES Act regarding removals of distilled spirits free of tax for use in hand sanitizer provided it is produced and distributed in a manner consistent with Food and Drug Administration guidance related to COVID-19. In the interimTTB is extending any exemptions, waivers, or other authorizations provided in current guidance through Dec. 31, 2020.