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Register for June 27 Smoke Research Project Webinar

Wine Institute members as well as regional winery and winegrape grower associations are invited to register for a one-hour webinar on June 27, 2022, at 1 p.m. hosted by the lead researchers of the multi-year, grant-funded research project focusing on wildfire smoke-exposed wine grapes in California, Oregon and Washington. While the June 6 Smoke Summit was hosted by the West Coast Smoke Exposure Task Force and covered all of the current research on smoke, this session will specifically address a project that is investigating additional tools for the wine industry to use to measure and predict smoke impacts as well as reduce smoke impacts on winegrapes. During the webinar, leads Tom Collins of Washington State University, Anita Oberholster of UC Davis and Elizabeth Tomasino of Oregon State University will discuss logistics, progress to date and what’s next for the project.