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Pennsylvania Updates Trade Practice Guidance

On May 10, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLBC) issued a revised Advisory Opinion #10. This opinion revises one from 2012 and consolidates trade practice guidance on matters of importance to producers in a variety of areas, including on tastings, samples, advertising novelties, wine lists, coupons and sweepstakes. While some of the guidance in Advisory Notice #10 is unchanged, it provides a single source for industry to learn PLCB’s limitations on trade practices, for example:

  • what items are considered advertising novelties of nominal value (less than $15), including novelty items not previously listed that are now permitted;
  • how manufacturers may enter into cost sharing agreements with retailers for wine lists and menus;
  • the requirements of instant and mail-in rebates on purchases from PLCB stores only (WEPs cannot utilize coupons in PA); and
    the conditions of sponsorship of sweepstakes and contest promotions.