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Wine Associations & Related Organizations

The Alcohol Beverage Industry Electronic Commerce Council
Phone: 609-620-4563; Fax: 609-620-1200
The Alcohol Beverage Industry Electronic Commerce (ABI EC) Council is a voluntary, non-profit organization formed in 1989. The Council provides a forum for alcohol beverage industry members to work together to further the use of electronic commerce (e-commerce) in the industry by promoting global adoption of established standards and practices by industry members, partners, and agencies.
American Institute of Wine & Food
Phone: 800-274-AIWF (2493)
A non-profit educational foundation promoting a better understanding, appreciation and quality of wine and food
American Wine Society
Phone: 888-297-9070
The American Wine Society is an educational non-profit for wine consumers with more than 140 chapters nationwide. Organized in 1967, it has the mission of “promoting wine appreciation through education.” AWS hosts a national conference, publishes a quarterly magazine, operates commercial and amateur wine competitions and certifies wine judges.
California Association of Winegrape Growers
Phone: 916-448-2676; Fax: 916-448-0475
Dedicated to the enhancement of the business of growing winegrapes through research and development, this organization serves as an advocate for grape growers on state, national, and international issues before state legislators, congress and government regulatory agencies.
Century Council
Phone: 213-624-9898; Fax: 213-624-9012


A non-profit organization funded by brewers, vintners, distillers and wholesalers dedicated to reducing alcohol abuse across the United States.
National Grape Research Alliance
NGRA is a nationwide coalition representing all segments of the grape industry including: raisin, juice, fresh grape and wine. NGRA membership includes grape growers, processors, wineries and representatives of academic institutions and cooperative extension organizations committed to improving the industry.
United States Sommelier Association, Inc.
Wine Schools & National Corporate Center
1111 Lincoln Road, Suite 400
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (786) 497-1854
Open Monday – Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm (EST)
Wine America
Phone: 202-783-2756; Fax: 202-347-6349
A national grass roots trade organization of American wineries representing 800 wineries in 41 states.
Winegrape Growers of America
Phone: 202-337-2434


A confederation of state organizations representing 95 percent of American winegrape production.
Wine Institute
Phone: 415-512-0151Fax: 415-356-7569
The association of more than 1000 California wineries and affiliated businesses dedicated to initiating and advocating public policy to enhance the environment for the responsible consumption, production and enjoyment of wine. Programs include government affairs, environmental affairs, promotion of wine exports and major media communications.
Wine Market Council
Phone: 707-967-9299; Fax: 707-967-5511
A non-profit association of grapegrowers, producers, importers, wholesalers, retailers, restaurateurs, and others in the wine industry, with a mission of expanding the wine industry’s consumer base in the US through mass media outreach to adult consumers. Wine Market Council has created a web site for consumers: Wine Answers.