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Wine Institute 2020

Wine Institute 2020 Brochure Mockup
Wine Institute Members can download a copy of Wine Institute 2020 in the Member Hub.

Last year, Wine Institute continued to deliver bottom-line value to all California wineries by reducing and defeating taxes, navigating complex regulatory issues, addressing trade challenges, promoting California wine globally and ensuring that we are recognized as leaders in environmental stewardship and responsible marketing.

Wine Institute membership returned to our record high of 1,000 members at our December Board meeting and we are pleased that so many wineries recognize the benefits of our work. We extend an open invitation to all California wineries to join and help us to accomplish ambitious goals in state, federal and international advocacy in 2020.


Renewal of The Craft Beverage and Tax Modernization Act in late December extends the $75 million plus annual savings on excise taxes for all California wineries, regardless of size, for another year and eliminates administrative burdens for bonded wineries and fulfillment centers claiming the tax credit on behalf of wineries. Preserving the cuts, and, ideally, making them permanent, is our top priority in 2020.

Wine Institute defeated legislation that would have granted virtually unchecked regulatory and fee authority to the State to enact a recycling program for all single-use containers, including wine bottles and other wine packaging. Our member working group and Sacramento office are engaged in crafting an effective solution to wine bottle recycling in our home state.

Of dozens of proposals to increase excise taxes and fees in the states last year, including a serious threat in Illinois, we successfully defeated all with the exception of a seven-cent increase that passed in Connecticut over our opposition. We continue to work in all 50 states on preventing tax and fee increases and challenges to DTC shipping rights.

Trade issues have been a priority. We achieved expanded market access in Canada, reached an agreement with Japan to eliminate tariffs on U.S. wine and forcefully articulated our position that wine should not be targeted in trade disputes that do not involve wine, and that all tariffs on wine traded between the U.S and EU should be eliminated.

Wine Institute unites the strength of its members to create an environment where wineries can thrive

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Wine Institute Members can download a copy of Wine Institute 2020 in the Member Hub.